Japanese Tools and Cooking Knives

Just similar to, but not as much as passenger cars and electrical appliances, many of tools you see in the market are made in Japan. To name a few, Ryobi and Makita are Japanese power tool brands. Also, Japanese woodworking tools are famous for the fine quality among the craftsmen. There are many more brands that general consumers are not aware of. Japanese tools are widely used in manufacturing because of the outstanding precision, quality and durability. They may cost bit more than the other competitors’ products but it is worth investing considering they last much longer.

Even if you are not fussy about high-end branded tools, there are many different kinds of cheap tools available in Japan. Some of them are very inventive and unique. They are like those as seen on TV, but are not expensive at all. If you have a hobby like wood crafting, model making, car detailing and handcrafting, you should be able to find a couple of things or more you want to buy if you have a look around the streets.

You may not categorize them as tools, but Japan is also famous for quality cooking knives. The most well-known among these is probably the brand called ‘Global’.

The best place to buy tools and cooking knives in Japan is a DIY store. DIY stores are not just for hardware in Japan, they sell varieties of products.

Home Center

DIY stores are interesting places to visit if you travel to Japan. Almost all the suburbs around Japan have more than one for sure, even in the remote areas. You can call it a large hardware store but it is more than just a hardware store and it typically has many more variety of stuff such as garments, bags, electrical appliances, stationery, food products, toys and games, and wooden shrines (kamidana). Japanese people also call it “home center”. It is like a shopping center for all sorts of items you need for your home.

If you browse around in a DIY store, you would easily spend a few hours for fun and would end up buying what you did not plan because you would very likely find something very useful that you would not otherwise find back in your country. Home centers are the ideal places to find some practical gifts for your friends.

Especially, things like handy tools, some home improvement stuff, house choir aids and automotive accessories.

Wherever part of Japan you go, you will find this type of large DIY store. One of the most sophisticated DIY stores (they may not prefer to be called in this way) is Tokyu Hands. They are present in major cities in Japan (more than 40 shops) and Singapore.

They have been present in Japan for a long time now. When I was a kid there are only a few of this kind around and did not see large DIY shops everywhere like now. There was only one Tokyu Hands in Sibuya, Tokyo back then.

They have their online store and ship their products worldwide. Although it is fun to visit one of their physical shops in Japan if you have a chance, it may be a good idea to browse their online shop beforehand.