The cheapest and easiest way to get connected to the Australian wireless mobile network is to bring your own handset and buy a SIM-only plan.

Through our extensive research and years of experience in using different mobile phone services in Australia, one of the best and most competitive service providers we have seen is Catch Connect.

The phone reception and connectivity with Catch Connect are great as they operate on the super-fast Optus 4G network.

What makes Catch Connect the best performing mobile phone service provider is their competitive, unique and flexible plans unlike all the other Australian mobile carriers can offer. If you compare their plans with the other operators’ plans, you will see this is true.

Compared to the major service providers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, Catch Connect offers double the data for half the cost.

Here, we would like to outline the key service features that the low-cost budget mobile phone carrier, Catch Connect offers.

Who is Catch Connect?

Catch Connect is one of the latest comers into the Australian mobile phone network service industry. They are owned by Catch Group, the largest online retailer in Australia whoes famous online shop is

The network coverage and reception are excellent as they are on Optus 4G Plus Network that covers 97.2% of the population in Australia.

Catch Connect is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). MVNOs do not have their own network and operate on someone’s network. There are around 50 MVNOs in Australia.

In Australia, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone are the only carriers that own the network. The others, including Virgin, Boost, Amaysim, Dodo, TPG, iinet, Kogan, Lebara, Lycamobile, ALDI, Coles, Woolworths etc., all operate on either of Telstra’s, Optus’ or Vodafone’s network.

With any of Catch Connect’s mobile SIM only plans, there is no commitment required from you. You can leave or join anytime you like freely.

Features of Catch Connect Plans

The biggest characteristics that makes Catch Connect different from the other mobile phone carriers are the dirt-cheap and flexible plans with no lock-in contract.

There is no lock-in contract with any of Catch Connect’s plans. If you would like to stop the service or change the plan, you can do it anytime. If you make a change with your current plan, the change will take effect from your next service period.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that we can think of with Catch Connect.


  • Cheap!
  • Plan variations. You can choose your plan with a 30 days, 90 days or 365 days expiry. There are many data variations.
  • Fast Optus Plus 4G Network
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Broadband internet data-only plans are available too.
  • You can keep your current phone number.


  • No physical stores – only available online.
  • Takes 3-5 business days to get your SIM delivered to your door.
  • Credit card or debit card payment options only.


Here are the details of Catch Connect’s plans.

30 Day Plan

$10.00: Unlimited talk & text + 4GB data
$15.00: Unlimited talk & text + 18GB data

90 Day Plan

$29.00: Unlimited talk & text + 20GB data

365 Day Plans

$120.00: Unlimited talk & text + 60GB data
$150.00: Unlimited talk & text + 120GB data
$200.00: Unlimited talk & text + 200GB data


As you will soon find out when you compare, the plans Catch Connect offers are much cheaper than any of the SIM-only plans offered by the major mobile phone operators.

The secrets of the extremely low cost SIM-only plans reside in their business model to operate online without owning any physical shops to deal with their customers.

This does not allow them to exercise inferior customer service. Their super friendly customer service reps provide quick and flexible services through the online chatting service equipped in their website.

Unlike typical mobile phone customer services in Australia, you will not wait over the phone for ages to finally get hold of an operator and will not be transferred to other reps again and again until you get what you want to get done.

There is no reason not to choose Catch Connect as your mobile phone service provider if nothing is inferior to the other providers and their plans are dead-cheap.

They use the super-fast Optus 4G network. What makes it even more attractive is that you have no commitment to the plan you have chosen with Catch Connect. You can cancel anytime you like with no obligation or liability. You can change your plan details whenever your needs change.

The cheapest and most flexible way to use a mobile phone in Australia is to bring your own mobile device and get a SIM-only plan from a mobile phone network operator. Among many Australian mobile SIM only plans, we have found that Catch Connect offers the cheapest plans.

Catch Connect