Postie Bike CT110 Custom

This is the postie bike that my friend owns.

This is a good example of nice looking postie with minimal modifications.

Features of Bike

Postie CT110 Pillion Seat

The major features of this bike are:

  • Blue paint job with white pinstriping all over the body
  • Chrome handle bar
  • Chrome side mirrors
  • Chrome lights and blinkers
  • Dytona speedometer
  • Pillion sheet
  • Shortened rear mud guard
  • Details

    postie ct110 custom

    It was a normal postie in red with all the covers and rear rack. The bike was disassembled to paint.

    The cylinder block of engine was painted in black. The rear of the frame (mud guard) was chopped off with a hand grinder.

    The centre frame cover was removed to make the bike look stylish. The bike still has factory exhaust, air intake filter and side cover.

    To accommodate the smaller chrome headlight unit, the one-off bracket was made out of metal plate. The tail light was an import from Japan (Kijima brand).

    The most prominent feature of this bike is the pinstriping graphics.

    Pinstriping under the seat

    Pinstriping on the front fender/mudguard

    Pinstriping on the frame pipe

    Pinstriping on various parts of the body

    This bike is registered and been used daily.