Honda CT110 Postie Bike

Chopper Postie

This is my CT110 project bike.

I bought an unregistered 6V CT110, 2006 CT110 frame and lot of after-market parts to build up this bike.

The wheel base of the bike has been stretched by extending the swing arms by about 20cm. This was done just because it looks cooler at least to me. This swing arm extension is a popular modification among Japanese custom CT110 and Cub builders.

Postie Custom CT110

All the lights and blinkers are imports from Japan. Japan has a large variety of excellent custom bike parts at reasonable prices. I have imported a lot of them.

The colour of the bike is army green. I have painted and clear-coated by myself.

Features of Bike

  • Extended swing arms (wheel base around 20 cm longer)
  • Custom head light, tail light and blinkers
  • Custom single seat
  • Engine from 6V CT110 (80’s model)
  • Body frame from 2006 CT110
  • Carburettor jet size increased with after-market air filter
  • Chopper handle bars
  • Koni shocks
  • After-market short exhaust
  • After market foot pegs
  • Side rego plate holder
  • Daytona speed meter
  • Army green body paint job
  • Engine, wheels, handles and light cases painted in black
  • Pinstriping on the engine cases and light cases
  • Modifications

    Here are the details of work that has been done so far:

    Swing arm extension

    Got 2 identical used swing arms.

    Chopped them. Cut one of them just below the brace that runs horizontally between the arms. Cut the other just above the brace.

    Got 2 identical metal blocks that is just smaller the size of the inner sections of the arms, so that they fit tightly and nicely inside the arms.

    Set the metal blocks and welded the arms.

    Grinded the excess welds and polish.


    The extended swing arms are much heavier. It does not improve anything functionally. I just liked the way it looks.

    Engine overhaul

    This is a 30 years old engine from an old 6V postie.

    Disassembled the engine.

    Removed the piston and cleaned.

    Replaced the clutch plates.

    Dismantled the carb and overhauled

    Painted the casings with black heat-proof engine paint.

    The 6V engine looks good now. I have not started the engine yet as I have not done the wiring for the ignition yet.


    I struggled to get the wiring done. I was going to convert the electric system from 6V to 12V and replaced the regulator, CDI and all the lights and blinkers with the 12V ones. This complicated the wiring system and took ages to figure out the correct connections of the ignition system with no success.

    Mud guards

    I have chopped the front and rear mud guard short.

    Rear mud guard

    Used a hand grinder to chop off the rear end of the frame.

    Front mud guard

    Again, used a hand grinder to chop off the front and rear ends of the front mud guard.


    I bought a brand-new chopper style handle bar and painted in black.

    I bought these custom side mirrors from Japan. These mirrors suit the handlebar.

    Lights and blinkers

    All the lights and blinkers are from Japan. They are all 12V.

    The tail light is a Kijima brand. I have out some pinstripes on the casing.

    The head light casing and the blinker casings are painted in black and pinstriped.

    Wired them and confirmed all of them are working.

    Still Unfinished…

    This is still an unfinished project and a lot need to be done to get it going.

    The hardest thing was the CDI ignition system of the engine. Because I tried to convert the 6V system to 12V one with no sound electrical knowledge, I spent hours and hours with no success. I got a little spark from the plug but it was not enough to ignite the engine. I finally gave up and have not had chance to work on further for a couple of year now…